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NC2: Computer Systems Servicing by TESDA

This is an introductory course that leads to a Computer Systems Servicing National Certificate Level II (NC II).

It covers seven (7) common competencies that a learner ought to possess: 1) application of quality standards, 2) computer operations; 3) performing mensuration and calculation; 4) preparation and interpretation of technical drawing; 5) the use of hand tools; 6) terminating and connecting electrical wiring and electronics circuits; and 7) testing electronics components; and four (4) core competencies, namely, 1) installing and configuring computer systems, 2.) setting up computer networks, 3) setting up computer servers, and 4) maintaining and repairing computer systems and networks.

NATIONAL CERTIFICATE (NC) is a certification issued to individuals who achieved all the required units of competency for a national qualification as defined under the Training Regulations. NCs are aligned to specific levels within the PTQF. (TESDA Board Resolution No. 2004-13, Training Regulations Framework)
NATIONAL CERTIFICATE LEVEL refers to the four (4) qualification levels defined in the Philippine TVET Qualifications Framework (PTQF) where the worker with:
a. NC I performs a routine and predictable tasks; has little judgment; and, works under supervision;
b. NC II performs prescribed range of functions involving known routines and procedures; has limited choice and complexity of functions, and has little accountability;


Computer Systems Servicing NC II Training Regulations (TR) – TESDA