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Gabay Training Center

Responsibility. Respect. Determination.

The Gabay Training Center is  committed to provide quality service and education to our beneficiaries through a series of career orientations, job preparation trainings, and career counseling.

Soft Skills Training
Apply for a Job
Preparation for SHS and College
Career Counselling
Start a Business
ICT Skills Training

About Us

The Gabay Training Center started in March 2013 to primarily provide education and employment support to the Children of Asia beneficiaries. Through career orientations, soft skills and hard skills training, career guidance, and job integration workshops, the students will be able to compete in the job market and get competitive salaries which can help them provide a decent living condition for their families.

The Gabay Training Center emphasizes on sustainable employment, which encourages the beneficiaries to get a job that is at least a minimum wage, in line with their graduated course, and not harmful to the health and environment. A target result of this cause is to have its beneficiaries get employed within 3 months from graduation and pay forward their efforts and learnings to the younger generations.