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IT Training 2022

Advanced Microsoft Office, Digital Citizenship, Basic Multimedia Production & Improving Typing Skills

For Grade 10,11,12 and College 1.

(IT Training Curriculum – Summer 2022)

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the commonly-used Microsoft Office applications and each of their uses;
  • Create simple tasks and assignments to test basic knowledge;
  • Develop example of documents, scenarios, and situations that are applicable to real world tasks;                                                
  • Draw instructions for task and assignments into easy-to-follow steps;  
  • Develop students’ computer literacy through appropriately challenging learning;   
  • Emphasize typing, basic programing, and media editing;
  • Nurture students’ sense of their common ground in using technologies as present or future global citizens to prepare them to participate in school and in civic life, and;                                                
  • Assess and reflect the students’ ability to interpret and/or implement in the entire topic. 

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Microsoft Office suiteExplain the Microsoft Office applications and its functions. Learners identify the different applications of Microsoft Office and their functions.
Advanced Microsoft Excel: Data Encoding and Sorting using Microsoft ExcelDefine Microsoft Excel as a tool for data encoding. Allow the learners to understand how Microsoft Excel is important for data gathering procedures.
Execute sorting and filtering functions of Microsoft Excel. Make learners organize the data sets by setting entries in order through sorting, and show entries with specific data using filtering.
Advanced Microsoft Word: Mail Merging (Creating Letters and Certificates)Understand the use of Microsoft Word for creating documents with the same message but with variable elements. Learners are able to create documents that contain the same message but with variable elements such as letters, invitations and certificates.
Demonstrate creating letters and certificates using mail merging using existing data from an Excel spreadsheet. Learners demonstrate the Mail Merge function of Microsoft Word to generate letters and certificates with variable elements.  
Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint: Professional Slide Show DesigningUnderstand the use of Microsoft PowerPoint in presenting information. Participants will learn the general interface of PowerPoint, view various PowerPoint samples, and complete their own PowerPoint presentation.Teach skills in creating a professionally-designed slide show in Microsoft PowerPoint. Learn the strategies in effective design to deliver the information in a clear, concise manner.
Digital Citizenship: Cyberbullying and Safe SpacesDefine digital citizenship in terms of the rights of the learners. Allow the learners to understand how to become a responsible citizen in the digital world.Introduce the learners to the effects of cyberbullying. Identify what cyberbullying is and its potential risks;Recognize when cyberbullying occurs. Identify the triggers and circumstances of a cyberbullying incident affecting oneself or to others; andDevelop “safe spaces” towards victims of cyberbullying. Realize the importance of empathy towards victims of cyberbullying.
Basic Programming Techniques – PseudocodingIntroduce learners to the concept of pseudocoding, with an opportunity to design a computer program. Recognize the use of a pseudocode as a primary step to creating a computer program, using analogies in everyday life such as cooking, cleaning, and other household chores.Design and build a program using pseudocode. Create a pseudocode of a basic computer program that performs basic arithmetic operations.
Basic Multimedia Production – Gathering Photos and VideosDiscuss the basics of multimedia production. Provide learners with strategies and procedures in creating any multimedia project such as photography, videography or audio-visual projects.Create a plan in producing a multimedia production. Devise a step-by-step plan of action when a learner is assigned a multimedia project.Ethically gather the audio-visual materials needed for a multimedia project. Learn the proper procedure to acquire photos and videos online with consideration of copyright and intellectual property laws.
Basic Principles of Imaging and LayoutUnderstand the basic principles of imaging and layout. Provide learners with principles and techniques to create a proper layout for an image project such as text, colors, symmetry, emphasis, etc.
Basic Video Editing using Windows Video EditorPerform basic video editing and enhancement using the Windows 10 Video Editor. Allow learners to explore editing videos using a built-in Microsoft software for video editing.
Touch-Typing SkillsAssess the typing skills of learners in terms of speed and accuracy using typing software. Observe learners’ usage of the computer keyboard in doing basic typing tasks.Develop strategies to improve typing speed and accuracy. Build learners’ confidence in typing to improve speed and accuracy, and to increase productivity when doing school and office tasks.

Learning Materials

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