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Keep Me Safe

The Keep Me Safe! Project, part of the YUNIT Project, co-funded by Children of Asia Philippines and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, is designed to identify child abuse and child rights violations and protect children from them.

The project comes in two parts:

1. Child Abuse Detection System

The first part is the implementation of detection systems: installing boxes around the school area where the children and parents can report child rights abuses and an online detection system where children can report abuses.

2. Child Protection Task Force

The second is the implementation of a Child Protection Task Force that will support the Child Protection Committee of the school, which will help identify endangered children and participate in saving them. This Task Force is the key to a safe school and safe children.

We invite Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, and Students!

If you are interested in participating, give your contact to the PTA president or Guidance Counselor, to be part of the Task Force and change the life of children.

We Thank Our Sponsor